Version 1.1

New in this version:
- Customizable hotkeys;
- Support for multiple cd/dvd drives;
- Customizable feedback image;
- Customizable vertical position of the feedback image;
- Optional system tray icon;
- Optional auto run on Windows log on;
- Optional check for opened trays on Windows log off;
- Version check function;
- Preference window to set all the above. ;)

Known misbehaviors:
- You can set (in preferences) the same hotkey for more then one drives, but it will work only with the first drive that list it;
- If you try to use as "feedback image" a PNG file without transparency (no alpha channel), it will not display correctly.

Hardware limitations:
- Some special keys on custom keyboards do not generate a key code, so, can not be set as hotkeys;
- Other special keys generate a code key but do not stop modifier keys (Shift, Ctrl...) to repeat itself while pressed, so can not be set in combinations (like "Ctrl + [special key]"). One way around is to hold the modifiers (say "Ctrl +"), then press a letter key (like "A", which will stop the modifier keys to repeat) and then press that special key (while still holding the modifiers).

In a few days I will publish a "Feedback Images Gallery" post with some PNG files to download and use.

Please do comment on this post, I need to hear all the good and bad stuffs about this new version. :)


  1. I downloaded the app and pressed pause and the flippin cd tray opened!!!! AWESOME!!!

  2. Rofl, it actually works.

  3. This app is actually really helpfull! thank you!

  4. Very nice utility.. good job :)

  5. works to open tray, but to close, any fix for this? thanks!

  6. ie will not close on my win 7 laptop, maybe can't work on laptops?

  7. @robert h: I'm not aware of any laptop dvd drive that can retract itself. They simply have no mechanism to automatically close the tray. Pushing the tray button closes your drive?...

  8. I had to reinstall windows and i want to install this again, but i can't because the download server has a 500 internal error :C

  9. @ Anonymous: Hum.. I did a quick check up and all the files are in place and identical to my backup, so I need to get in touch with the hosting provider to see if they did anything (maybe they upgraded something or changed some configurations?). Sorry, but I don't think I can fix this asap... Meanwhile, you can mail me directly (using the copyright link at the end of the License box - look at the bottom of the sidebar, here in the page) and I'll send you the zip file.

  10. @ Anonymous: I'm not sure what happened (some files permissions were corrupted), but the download should work again now... Sorry for the inconvenience.

  11. Brilliant little proggy you have here. Thank you.

  12. Bravo Cicerone! I've been looking for something like this for a couple of weeks and I would've settled for a lot less. Pressing the useless freaking pause button to open/close the cd tray? That's like a dream come true! No more Mac envy here. Thanks man. Constantine.

  13. really good prog thank you very much

  14. very good software. keep up the good work.. thanks

  15. This. Is. AWESOME!

  16. Thanx for your work its great...