Upgrading to version 1.1

The cdEjectLoad version 1.0 beta has no uninstall capabilities. You have to manually remove it: just delete the exe file. :)
If you can't delete it, it's probably because it's running and Windows doesn't allow to remove an open file. Run it again so it will ask you to terminate itself, then you can delete it.

If you have added a shortcut for it in the "Startup" menu (or an entry in the run key of the registry) you have to remove that too. That is because the new version automatically adds an entry in the registry to auto run itself every time you log in (you can disable this behavior in the preferences window). If you keep your shortcut and leave the auto run option checked in preferences, the app will run twice at startup, which will trigger the display of the preferences window.

To install the new version, first copy (or move) it to the folder you want to keep it and then just run it. The first time it runs it will create all the necessary keys in registry and set them to default values.

Please comment to this post only if you have troubles upgrading.


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