...and counting! :)

Actually there are 5221 but I've been busy-busy and forgot to check the numbers around here...

Anyway, the good news is that I have decided to release the new 1.2 version in a few weeks, after I move this blog content to my personal site and set up a dedicated subdomain to host it. Also I'm going to add some new pages, most notably being the gallery for custom images. Hope that happens soon enough, fingers crossed.


Server is up

Looks like the account has been re-enabled now, so everything should work again.


Ups, download server is down!... (update)

I've been assured that the suspended hosting account will be re-enabled in a few days without files being lost

Ups, download server is down!...

Starting today (July 1, 2010) the hosting account on which the download zip file, some images from this blog and the current version info are stored is suspended


Version 1.1

New in this version:
- Customizable hotkeys;
- Support for multiple cd/dvd drives;
- Customizable feedback image;
- Customizable vertical position of the feedback image;
- Optional system tray icon;
- Optional auto run on Windows log on;
- Optional check for opened trays on Windows log off;
- Version check function;
- Preference window to set all the above. ;)


Upgrading to version 1.1

The cdEjectLoad version 1.0 beta has no uninstall capabilities. You have to manually remove it: just delete the exe file. :)


version 1.0 beta

Mac users will recognize the screenshot below:

That is the "eject/load cd tray" feedback window that appears when one presses and holds the eject key on their mac keyboard.